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Living in a shepherd’s hut is an adventure we think you will love. You will be leaving your busy life behind. You will be living simply, cooking on a woodburning stove or outside over a firebowl. Your evenings will be lit by solar power. You will be ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’. But don’t worry, unlike shepherd Gabriel Oak in Thomas Hardy’s novel, your shepherd’s hut will be warm and cosy and has a comfy bed.

While our shepherds’ huts retain the charm of a traditional design, they are luxurious with double-glazed windows and insulated with sheep’s wool. They were built by us, here at Hollow Ash, using local materials and craftspeople.

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Outdoor open fire cooking

Each hut offers:

  1. full-sized double bed (which in the Skirrid folds up into a daytime sofa)

  2. table and chairs

  3. small dresser with drawers

  4. woodburning stove with firewood

  5. fireside chair

  6. solar-power (Skirrid has 240v standard 3-pin sockets, while the Dawn of the Day is on 12v and has car-type or USB sockets)

  7. crockery & cutlery

  8. cooking pots

  9. kettle and cafetiere

  10. tea, coffee and sugar

  11. salt & pepper

  12. duvet & pillows

  13. bed linen

  14. towels

  15. firebowl

  16. two outdoor chairs

  17. in addition each hut has an awning and a hammock

Dawn of the Day occupies a glade in our young woodland. There are glimpses of the Black Mountains and Garway Hill along the vistas of the woodland rides. You will share four acres only with a few chickens. This larger hut is clad in green corrugated iron, blending in with the native trees. This hut fills with evening sunshine.

Skirrid is situated in our newly-planted apple orchard with views across the Monnow Valley towards the Welsh hills. You have this sunny, half-acre field all to yourselves. This pretty hut is clad in blue painted wood. Catch the morning sun in the hut, and enjoy outdoor living under the shade of an awning.

‘ The hut itself is so beautifully appointed - the bed is nice and firm, the bedding soft and clean, plenty of space to move about and store things - it's quite remarkable.' (Kristian)