C-19 FAQs

Covid-19 and your holiday at Hollow Ash

You are probably taking a holiday at Hollow Ash to get away from the nightmare of Covid-19, and so, for your reassurance we have put together this document to inform you about what we are doing to keep you (and us) safe from infection, and hopefully this will enable you to relax and enjoy yourselves.

Why are your letting out one hut only?

Several reasons: firstly so that you have exclusive use of the washing and toilet facilities. Secondly our son is sleeping in the second hut to distance himself from us. And thirdly, the enhanced cleaning regime is time demanding and we would be unable to manage two huts easily.

Do we need to meet anyone when we arrive?

In normal circumstances we enjoy greeting our guests and like to put a face to a name, but we will understand completely if you wish to ‘self check in’. The hut is signposted from the parking area, though it could be hard to find if you arrive late when it is dark. The key will be in the door and you can make yourselves at home. You can text or call us (07807 805545) or we will text you. If we do meet we will keep a 2m social distance (regardless of the current recommendation).

Important items you need to locate are:
Toilet and shower room – at the camp HQ (located at the other end of the orchard from the parking area)
Mini-fridge – in the right hand cupboard under the black shelf at the camp HQ.
Electric kettle – in the left hand cupboard under the black shelf. Also here are a hairdryer and spare gas.
Drinking water tap – to the left of the sink in he camp HQ.
Rubbish and recycling bins – at the camp HQ.
Toilet and shower room light switches – outside the respective doors.
Camping gas stove – in the mini wood store outside your hut.

Do we need to meet anyone during our stay?

Probably not. We try to arrange for the daily cleaning of the toilet and shower to take place around midday, when guests are more likely to be out. If you are still around we will come back later so as to minimise the risk of infection.

If something needs sorting we may need to arrange (by mobile) access to the hut. Ideally this would be at a time when you are out, or at least out of the hut.

Do we need to meet anyone at the end of our stay?

Again, normally we try to say goodbye to our guests but will understand if you prefer not to. We would be grateful if you could strip all linen from the bed (including mattress protector and pillow protectors), all towels and tea towels and place them in the laundry bag provided. This is not something we would normally ask our guests to do but it helps minimise our handling of bedding, etc. Please leave windows half open to allow the hut to air before we come in to clean. And finally, please leave the key in the door.page1image65109760

What extra precautions are you taking regarding cleaning?

Before your visit all the bedding and towels will have been washed at 60°C.The cutlery and crockery will have been put through the dishwasher. We will have sanitised using a food-safe virucidal spray horizontal surfaces, high frequency touch surfaces such as doors, window catches, light switches etc., shower and toilet areas. We are blocking out a day at the beginning and end of your stay to allow for extra cleaning time, and this increased time between guests will also encourage a natural death of the virus.

To facilitate cleaning and to minimise the risk of infection we have decided to remove any ‘extras’ from the hut: there will be no books, maps, games or ukulele. We urge you to bring your own leisure items.

Can we bring our own bedding and towels?

Should you feel more comfortable bringing your own bedding and towels please let us know and we will arrange the hut accordingly.

What happens if we fall ill during our stay?

If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, persistent cough, lack of sense of taste and smell) during your stay then we suggest that you return as soon as possible to the comfort of your own home and let us know. If you develop symptoms after your return home also please let us know. If you need medical advice the NHS 111 service is available online at 111.nhs.uk. Hereford County Hospital is our nearest A&E department at

Stonebow Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 2BN

Tel: 01432 355 444

It is very much against our instincts as hosts to reduce face-to-face contact with our lovely guests, as we get so much satisfaction from knowing that our guests feel a very warm welcome and can relax quickly to enjoy their downtime, but for now this is necessary to keep those around us and the wider community safe, so please know you are still very welcome here and we will endeavour to still give you the very best experience.

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