2020 Dabinett blend

Dabinett apples at Trefaranon, Orcop

A small batch of 270 litres was pressed in late 2020 using a blend of cider apple varieties from Herefordshire orchards. With a low pH no sulphites were added. The fermentation using only wild yeasts progressed slowly and after two rackings slowed down almost to a standstill at 1.0065. After almost a year in the tank 10ppm DAP was added to encourage natural carbonation before bottling into 500ml bottles.

Variety% in blendSource
Ashmead’s Kernel15%Hollow Ash
Brown Snout9%Hollow Ash
Ball’s Bittersweet9%Twyford
Rosemary Russet7%Hollow Ash
Foxwhelp3%Hollow Ash
Browns3%Hollow Ash
Kingston Black3%Hollow Ash
Bulmer’s Norman3%Twyford

Fermentation record

30 Nov 2020Pressed 271 litres pH 3.0 No SO2 added SG 1.060
16 Mar 2021Racked SG 1.021
7 Apr 2021Racked SG 1.015
1 Nov 202110ppm DAP added. Bottled 508 x 500ml. SG 1.0065 Abv 6.6%

Tasting notes

Bold, Dabinett-dominated cider with rich tannins balanced by fruity acids and residual sugar.

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