Perthyr / Tom Putt blend 2021

Fruit collected almost entirely from Hollow Ash orchards and blended at pressing in the following proportions:

Tom Putt735%
Cherry Norman420%

The standard trees are planted 30 feet apart to create a traditional orchard and the fruit is unsprayed to encourage nature to thrive.

Fermentation record

This cider was fermented in a small batch of 200 litres, from full juice, using wild yeasts that occur naturally in the fruit and on the press. We use the pét-nat method to give a natural sparkle, that is, the juice is bottled before fermentation is complete so some CO2 is produced in the bottle.

Unfiltered and unpasteurised.

5 Oct 20211.048Pressed 206 litres
24 Feb 20220.999Bottled Abv 6%
No interventions

Tasting notes

Dry crisp cider with vanilla overtones.

Review by Chris George of Cork & Crown

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