Gin Perry 2021

A fine crop of Gin perry pears ready for harvesting

Fruit collected from two orchards: one a young traditionally-planted Perry pear orchard near Hereford and the other a mixed orchard in Monmouthshire. The pears do not damage easily and so are relatively easy to pick up.


Collected when the fruit was falling, or easily shaken from the tree, the pears were then stored under cover until they softened. Milled as a single variety, the pulp was left to macerate for 24 hours to reduce the tannin level, before being pressed and stored in a variable capacity stainless steel tank. A reduced dose of SO2 was added high enough to kill harmful organisms but low enough to allow the good wild yeasts to survive and multiply. The specific gravity was monitored about once a fortnight and the must was racked to slow down fermentation at SG 1.009 (a bit late). It was bottled at 1.008 to allow conditioning in the bottle (the pét-nat method).

Fermentation record

17 Dec 20211.050Pressed 160 litres
150ppm SO2 added
3 Apr1.009Racked
12 May1.008Bottled
Aug 2022Released

Review by Chris George of Cork & Crown

Review by Adam Wells of Cider Review

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