Gin Perry 2021

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Dabinett /Browns blend 2021

A cider made largely from Dabinett, a renowned bittersweet, and Browns, a reliable bittersharp. There are in addition eight varieties making up the blend, many from trees planted in 2009 in our orchards and just beginning to crop. Variety Crates Origin Dabinett 9 Orcop Browns 6 Hollow Ash Bulmers Norman 4.5 Broad Oak Slack Ma… Continue reading Dabinett /Browns blend 2021

Thorn perry 2021

A very old variety (first recorded 1676) which is early to ripen. Fruit collected in September from standard trees in a young orchard about 15 – 20 years old between Ross-on-Wye and Hereford. Method Made in a small batch of 360 litres, from full juice, using wild yeasts and the pét-nat method (see below) to give… Continue reading Thorn perry 2021

Perthyr / Tom Putt blend 2021

Fruit collected almost entirely from Hollow Ash orchards and blended at pressing in the following proportions: Perthyr 8 40% Tom Putt 7 35% Cherry Norman 4 20% Katy 1 5% The standard trees are planted 30 feet apart to create a traditional orchard and the fruit is unsprayed to encourage nature to thrive. Fermentation record… Continue reading Perthyr / Tom Putt blend 2021

Thorn Perry 2020

Fermentation record, tasting notes and reviews, including some interesting background on the Thorn pear by Adam Wells.

2020 Tom Putt blend

Early season blend of cider fruit mostly from Hollow Ash orchards with 60% Tom Putt. Fermentation record and review.