Betty Prosser 2022

The latest vintage of this special Perry.


In Charles Martell’s book of Perry pears Betty prosser is described as “critically rare”. Since the book was published several more trees have come to light around the Monmouth area to add to the 12 in Gloucestershire. Ian’s trees on the edge of the Wye Valley provided us with the fruit for this pressing but one of the three had its top blown out by a winter gale. Despite that, the crop was good and we collected enough from the spread tarpaulins to make a batch of 175 litres.

Fermentation record

29 Sep 20221.052175 l pressed pH 3.5 125ppm SO2 added
30 Oct1.018Racked
27 May 20231.012Bottled Abv 5.1%
13 Oct Released on Perry Day, Hereford Apple Fest

Tasting notes

A rich pear flavour with soft tannins.


Awarded first place in the bottle-conditioned perry class at the Royal Three Counties Show 2024.

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