Sops in Wine blend

An off-dry sharp cider made from early-ripening fruit

Sops in Wine8Hollow Ash
Tom Putt9Hollow Ash
Tremlett’s Bitter9Twyford
Foxwhelp4Hollow Ash
Golden Spire1Hollow Ash

The trees at Hollow Ash, planted in 2009, are now producing a reasonable crop and this is the first cider made from mainly home grown apples. We have two trees of Sops in Wine which are the largest apple trees in the orchard and are unusual in producing red juice.

Sops in wine

Although the red is largely lost in fermentation, the cider retains a rich, dark colour.

Fermentation record

5 Oct 20221.056275 litres, pH 2.8 No SO2 added
1 Nov 20221.022Racked
6 Sep 20231.002
7 Sep 20231.004Back sweetened with 13.5l Worcester Pearmain juice and bottled in 500ml.
18 Nov 2023Released. Abv 7.0%

Tasting notes

Dry and sharp with soft tannins and a hint of vanilla.

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