Oldfield Perry 2021

We had been waiting for some years for the Oldfield pear trees to bear a good crop of fruit and in 2021 we struck lucky. We were also blessed with help at harvest time in the shape of Steve and Jana, who managed to pick up the fruit twice as quickly as Clare and myself, and without complaining about aching backs or stiff knees.

The pears came from three trees in a young Perry pear orchard at The Callow, and yielded about 140 litres.

Oldfield pear

Fermentation record

6 Nov 2021Fruit collected
14 Dec 2021Pressed 140 litres. SG 1.055. 125ppm SO2 added.
3 Apr 2022Racked at SG 1.011
20 May 2022Bottled in 75ml strong bottles at SG 1.010. Abv 5.6%
15 Sep 2022Released

Tasting notes

A deep, rich flavour.

Review by Chris George of Cork & Crown

Review and discussion by Adam Wells

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