Dabinett/ Ashmead’s Kernel blend 2021

A blend of the renowned and well respected bitter sharp apple, Dabinett, with the more acidic dessert apple, Ashmead’s Kernel, together producing a well-balanced cider.

Ashmead’s Kernel28Hollow Ash


Made in a small batch of 300 litres using the pet-nat method. The juice was fermented using wild yeasts in a variable capacity stainless steel tank and the specific gravity (SG) monitored about every fortnight. The cider was bottled early at SG 1.007 as a medium sweet cider but when tested was found to be unstable and gushing. It was therefore put back into the tank and allowed to ferment to dry, and bottled again at SG 1.003. Some fermentation continues in the bottle to give a natural sparkle.

Fermentation record

30 December 2021300 litres pressed 1.053
5 February 2022Racked SG 1.034
10 May 2022Bottled in 750ml1.007
31 December 2022Unbottled1.004
30 March 2023Rebottled in 500ml1.003
24 June 2023Released

Tasting notes

Tannic, balanced dry cider

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