Turner’s Barn Perry

We have long been aware of a remnant orchard surrounding a farm in the Monnow valley just outside of Garway, and this was the year that we decided to ask permission and collect some. One of the perries was identified by Jim Chapman of the Hartpury Trust as Turner’s Barn. The tree is too tall to pick and too old to shake so we laid tarpaulins and waited for them to fall. We gathered enough to press just 40 litres.

Fermentation record

11 Oct 2022Pressed 40l pH3.6 150ppm SO2 added1.067
13 Apr 2023Racked1.011
11 MayBottled 48x 750ml abv 7.4%1.009
1 AugReleased

Tasting notes

A pleasant grapefruit and pear skin start, medium acidity, not too sweet with astringency and a long bitter finish.

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