Thorn perry 2021

A very old variety (first recorded 1676) which is early to ripen. Fruit collected in September from standard trees in a young orchard about 15 – 20 years old between Ross-on-Wye and Hereford.

Thorn perry pears on tree
Thorn pears ready to harvest


Made in a small batch of 360 litres, from full juice, using wild yeasts and the pét-nat method (see below) to give a natural sparkle and sweetness. The juice was fermented in blue plastic barrels and transferred after racking to a stainless steel variable capacity tank. The specific gravity was monitored about every fortnight and the must racked to slow the rate of fermentation. It was bottled into strong 750ml bottles at SG 1.010 to give a medium sweet Perry. Some fermentation continues in the bottle giving a natural carbonation; this is the pét-nat method.

Fermentation record

18-20 Sept 202130 crates harvested
3 Oct360 litres pressed. SG 1.051
50ppm SO2 added.
17 DecRacked at SG 1.018
3 Apr 2022Bottled at SG 1.010

Tasting notes

Medium sweet. Light, crisp and citrussy in flavour.


  1. Thorn Perry 2021. The 2 bottles I bought at the orchard whilst visiting with my family were delightful. They were light and crisp. The beautiful flavours combined with the natural sparkle gives this bottle a perfect drink to accompany a french style chicken dish. Thank you so much. Highly recommended!

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