Dabinett /Browns blend 2021

A cider made largely from Dabinett, a renowned bittersweet, and Browns, a reliable bittersharp. There are in addition eight varieties making up the blend, many from trees planted in 2009 in our orchards and just beginning to crop.

Browns6Hollow Ash
Bulmers Norman4.5Broad Oak
Slack Ma Girdle4Hollow Ash
Catshead3.5Hollow Ash
Harry Masters Jersey2Hollow Ash
Yarlington Mill1.5Hollow Ash
Brown Snout1Hollow Ash
Kingston Black1Hollow Ash
Golden Harvey1Hollow Ash


Made in a small batch of 256 litres using wild yeasts. The juice was fermented in a variable capacity stainless steel tank and the specific gravity (SG) monitored about every fortnight. The must was racked once to slow the rate of fermentation and bottled into 500ml bottles at SG 1.003 to give a dry cider. Some fermentation continues in the bottle to give a natural sparkle.

Fermentation record

24 NovPressed 256 litres. 100ppm SO2 added.
24 FebRacked at SG 1.009
27 AprBottled 495 x 500ml
Jul 2022Released

Tasting notes

Full-bodied dry cider.

Review by Chris George of Cork & Crown

Awarded 3rd place at the 2023 Three Counties Show

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