2019 Foxwhelp/Pig’s Face(?) blend

Harvesting at Treowen

The current owner of Treowen Manor, Dick, told us that the orchard had been planted in the 1960s, that the written plan of varieties had been lost but that the selection had been made by someone who knew his ciders and perries. The apples are dominated by Foxwhelp, a beautiful red, notoriously acid bittersharp, and a large yellow-green bittersweet which we haven’t been able to positively identify; the Marcher Apple Network thought it could be ‘Pig’s Face’ so that’s what we will call it until it is DNA tested.

Unknown variety, possibly Pig’s Face

We decided to try a limited blend of these two varieties in the proportion 64% Foxwhelp to 36% Pig’s Face.

Fermentation record

26th Sept 2019Pressed 200 litres. SG 1.042 pH 2.8 No SO2 added
2nd NovRacked
7th Apr 2020Bottled in 500ml. SG 1.007 ABV 4.4%
5th Aug 2021Released SG 1.002 ABV 5.0%

Tasting notes

Strong, fruity aroma. Acid driven lemony flavour with oaky tannin.

Review by Chris George of Cork & Crown

Review by Adam Wells of Cider Review

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