Knapper on the left, Turner’s Barn and Staunton Squash (right)

We were given permission to pick the pears from a remnant orchard near a farm in the Monnow Valley near Garway. The pears were identified by Jim Chapman of the National Perry Pear Orchard at Hartpury, Glos. We picked from the ground and laid tarpaulins to catch more.

Fermentation record

21 Sep 20221.05680 litres pressed. pH2.8 – no SO2 added.
30 Oct 20221.018Racked
17 Apr 20231.011Bottled in 750ml champagne bottles 5.7% vol
23 Sep 2023Released
Graph of SG over time

Tasting notes

A fruity, summery drink, spicy and oaky with a hint of burnt orange.

Punchy taste at the start followed by a smooth finish.

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