Kingston Black Cider 2022

Kingston Black is a Somerset bitter sharp apple regarded by many as the perfect cider apple producing a well-balanced juice with high sugar and acid and moderate tannins. We have permission to pick from a disused traditional orchard near Hereford and were delighted when we came across a single large tree of this variety. We collected enough fruit to make 150 litres of juice. Fermentation took place in a stainless steel tank using wild yeast and it was bottled before fermentation was complete to give a natural sweetness and sparkle (the pét-nat method). Unpasteurised and unfiltered.

Fermentation record

25 Nov 20221.070pH 3.0. No SO2 added.
31 Mar 20231.017Racked
13 Jul 20231.013Bottled at 7.2% abv
19 Nov 20231.013Released

Tasting notes

Medium cider with a subtle petillant sparkle.

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