2020 Tom Putt blend

Glass of sparkling Tom Putt cider
Tom Putt1860
Tremletts bitter310
Bulmers Norman27
Ashmead’s Kernel27
Balls Bittersweet13
Golden Spire13
Total 30100
Fermentation record

Early season blend of cider fruit mostly from Hollow Ash orchards. Tremlett’s Bitter, Bulmers Norman and Ball’s Bittersweet are from Twyford near Hereford.

  • 3rd October – pressed 266 litres full juice, SG 1.052. Wild yeast fermentation: no SO2 added as the pH was 2.9. Rapid fermentation until
  • racking on 16th November.
  • Bottled near dry at 1.003 on 14th December in 500ml gold crown-capped bottles. Abv 6%.
  • Released March 2021.

Tasting notes

Zesty with floral (violets) overtones and a medium tannic bite. 

Review by Chris at Cork & Crown

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