Gin Perry 2020

Forget Prosecco….

Chris George, Crown & Cork

Fermentation record

Graph of Perry SG against time to show speed of fermentation.

Mid October

Fruit collected from the ground and trees shaken at Treowen, Monmouthshire

22nd November

Pressed 174 l/SG 1.051/pH 3.8/150ppm SO2 added. Fermented in stainless steel variable capacity tank.

17th March

Racked at SG 1.017

5th May

1st July

Bottled at SG 1.014

Released at SG 1.012 (medium sweet) abv 4.8% 212 x 750ml bottles (gold cap)

Tasting notes

A delectable perry with light elderflower notes and a juniper aftertaste.

Review by Chris George of Cork & Crown

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